Eating Disorder Treatment Services

Get Help With Orthorexia Nervosa & Healthy Food Obsessions

Orthorexia nervosa literally means a “fixation on righteous eating. Orthorexia characterised by an excessive preoccupation with eating healthy food.

Orthorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder where the person systematically avoids specific foods that they believe to be harmful. Although not yet recognised by the DSM5 for an eating disorder, awareness for orthorexia is rapidly growing and those affected by the condition are relatively easily identified. Orthorexia turns a seemingly beneficial diet into a rocky road of obsession fixated on “pure” food consumption.

Eating Disorder Treatment Services

Eating disorder treatment is determined by the type of disorder and the symptoms you are experiencing. It typically includes a combination of psychological counselling or psychotherapy, nutrition instruction, medical monitoring, and, in some cases, medication.

Other health issues caused by an eating disorder must also be addressed as part of eating disorder therapy, as they can be severe or even fatal if left untreated for too long. If your eating disorder does not improve with conventional treatment or poses a health risk, you may require hospitalization or another type of inpatient program.

A systematic approach to eating disorder treatment can assist you in managing symptoms, regaining a healthy weight, and maintaining your physical and emotional health.